• 20 October 2022
  • Eindhoven

New DAF Night Lock: A safe and integrated solution

The best door lock on the market

In 2008, DAF was the first manufacturer to introduce a night lock for better driver protection. Now there is the new DAF Night Lock that is fully integrated into the door.


Solid construction, easy to use 

The DAF Night Lock consists of a steel panel in the colour of the interior and that is equipped with a rocker switch. When the lock is engaged, the panel will slide down, over the handle. This will block the door and keeps out potential intruders. A red indicator clearly indicates that the DAF Night Lock is activated. One push on the rocker switch is sufficient to unlock the lock again, which allows the driver to quickly exit the cabin in the case of an emergency.

Excellent driver protection

The new DAF Night Lock is up to 50% stronger than comparable systems on the market. When equipped with the DAF Night Lock, the doors of the New Generation XF, XG, XG⁺ and XD cannot be opened, even with a crowbar. A special sticker on the door handles alerts others to the DAF Night Lock. The DAF Night Lock can now be ordered in the DAF Webshop. The set consists of two locks, a special sticker for the door handle and a life hammer.