• 20 October 2022
  • Eindhoven

Remanufactured or new: Clarity when ordering

We choose sustainability

Sustainability and protecting our environment is important within DAF. Remanufacturing and therefore reusing parts is a major contributor to this. Retrieving parts from the market for remanufacturing is the first step in this process.


Clarity in the ordering process

In some cases we may supply a new part with a deposit, instead of a remanufactured part. 
In order to clarify this we have introduced the designation “RN”. Remanufactured parts in our assortment can still be identified by the designation “R”.  

Automatic adjustment

The first "New with a deposit" parts (-RN) have been added to the range. These part numbers replace the -R numbers for parts that are always new. All systems have been automatically adjusted via supersessions.