• 27 March 2021
  • Eindhoven

Fuel economy and DAF Lubricants are a match made in heaven

Good lubrication is vital for an engine to run at optimum performance. Using the correct oil can also reduce fuel consumption by up to 3.4%. The well-balanced DAF Xtreme FE 10W-30 is the oil of choice for DAF engineers.


New DAF trucks are supplied with DAF Xtreme FE 10W-30 as standard. The letters "FE" stand for fuel economy and this is not an empty claim. It has now been proven in real-world use that this oil ensures optimum lubrication of moving parts and reduces fuel consumption. DAF, in conjunction with a fleet owner and a distribution company, put this to the test in an intensive, four-week experiment in the United Kingdom. After travelling 80,000 kilometres, the result was clear: fuel consumption was 3.4% lower than with a conventional 10W-40 lubricant.

Always demand the best performance from your oil

• DAF Xtreme FE 10W-30 is the recommended oil for DAF trucks
• Proven increase in fuel economy compared to conventional lubricants
• DAF Xtreme LD FE 10W-30 for extended oil life
• Also suitable for truck brands other than DAF

The correct choice for routine maintenance

Transport operators who want to improve the efficiency of their truck fleet take maintenance very seriously. We recommend selecting DAF Lubricants whenever your truck is serviced. They make an enormous difference in engine performance and fuel economy.