• 08 January 2020
  • Eindhoven

Why choose DAF Genuine Parts?

Trying to save money on truck parts can have a negative effect on the total cost in the long term — choosing DAF Genuine Parts is the best option. We use the latest technologies and the best materials to manufacture parts that ensure optimum performance and low fuel consumption. Arjan Gubbels, Head of Product Marketing PACCAR Parts Europe, explains how it works.


Modern systems are highly sensitive

Arjan Gubbels: "Modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex, with electronics and software playing an increasingly significant role alongside legal requirements and regulations. Vehicles have therefore become more efficient and reliable, but also more sensitive to imitation parts. If just one small part is different, the whole system will no longer function at its best, with the risk that unplanned downtime will occur. For this reason, I always recommend erring on the side of caution and choosing high-quality, reliable parts that work together perfectly."

Save fuel with DAF Genuine Parts

DAF Genuine Parts have been developed to ensure optimum performance, which in turn saves fuel. Bas te Winkel, Product Manager, gives the example of NOx sensors: "A Euro 6 vehicle is only permitted to emit a very small amount of harmful substances. Naturally, we take this fact into account during development. Our genuine DAF NOx sensors have been designed and tested to ensure that the cost per kilometre is kept as low as possible. We do this by reducing diesel and AdBlue consumption and by making the service interval as long as possible. If you use an imitation part, the NOx emissions can be up to 50% higher than when using DAF Genuine Parts. This may lead to your vehicle exceeding the Euro 6 regulations, which may in turn lead to a large fine. You will also incur higher costs due to the increased use of diesel and AdBlue. In addition, an imitation sensor needs to be replaced twice as often. You also lose your DAF warranty for the system as it no longer functions at its best due to the use of imitation parts."

Safety above all

"Ultimately, safety is the most important concern", explains Arjan Gubbels. "For example, take a brake system that has been specifically developed for a DAF vehicle. If you buy DAF Genuine Parts, the brake disc and the brake pad will work together perfectly. This leads to less wear and less chance of faults occurring. If you replace one of these two components with a non-original part, the whole system will heat up faster, wear more quickly and ultimately fail sooner. This is dangerous, leads to unplanned downtimes and creates extra costs that could have been avoided. My advice is to think about the long term and opt for security and safety. Look at the total cost of ownership instead of the small savings that can be made by using imitation parts."

Full warranty with DAF Genuine Parts

Another advantage of using DAF Genuine Parts is the full warranty. If something breaks, the parts are replaced at no extra charge. Support services from the International Truck Service (ITS) are also included. This makes DAF unique. Arjan Gubbels: "If you choose imitation parts, the manufacturer only offers a warranty for the part itself. You will be responsible for the cost of having the part replaced. With DAF Genuine Parts, you know exactly where you stand."

More information about DAF Genuine Parts

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