scott lewis

Scott Lewis

DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Champion 2018

An extremely challenging and difficult course, but it was just amazing!


"To win the title in the end… unbelievable!”

The DAF Transport Efficiency Driver Challenge was held on May 19 and 20 at the Millbrook Proving Ground (UK). DAF organises this event every two years to find the best driver in Great Britain. After the tough preliminary rounds, a select group of 20 drivers get to battle it out on an extremely difficult course. This year it was Scott Lewis from Best Connection who came out on top.

Using the newest DAF trucks, the competitors were presented with a series of challenges aimed at testing their skills, such as driving ability and road and vehicle knowledge. "It was fantastic," says Scott Lewis, who only gained his commercial driver’s license in 2016.

“The pressure was high and the competition really tough. It was amazing to compete against such good drivers. We were warned in advance that the course would be very tough and that wasn’t a word of a lie,” Scott continues. “We also had to perform the tests in different vehicles and in different situations. And that made it even tougher.”

Scott adds: “It was a fantastic event, everyone at DAF Trucks performed superbly. As for the new DAF models: the new trucks are smooth, the engines react extremely quickly and the cabins are spacious and comfortable. In short: every driver’s dream!”

scott lewis


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