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Return Conditions

PACCAR Financial


When a vehicle is returned to PACCAR Financial / DAF Trucks, the vehicle(s) should be returned according to the ‘Return Conditions’ described in this document.

A failure to return a vehicle in Return Conditions will result in a financial charge by PACCAR Financial and/or DAF Trucks, which may be set off against any claim, under any circumstances, of PACCAR Financial and/or DAF Trucks against the customer. The inspection report performed on a vehicle following the return of the vehicle will be the basis for determining the financial charge to be applied. In order to avoid the possibility of incurring a financial charge, it is recommended that you ask your DAF Dealer, prior to return to inspect your vehicle and to carry out the necessary work to bring the vehicle to ‘Return Conditions’.

A DAF Dealer has the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out this work, to ensure that when the PACCAR Financial / DAF Trucks Inspection is carried out, there is no resulting Financial Charge. This brochure is your guide for proper and adequate handling of the return of your vehicle. Please also see the detailed ‘conditions’ at the end of this booklet. It contains illustrative examples of ‘normal wear and tear’ which will not lead to reclamations on your return of vehicle. Moreover, it depicts examples of damages to the vehicle which in any case must be prevented and repaired by an authorized dealer before your vehicle is returned. More information on proper maintenance of your vehicle can be found in the manual. Certainly, your nearest DAF dealer will gladly advise you about it.

Download the return conditions