DAF CF FAN (6x2)


  • Exceptional manoeuvrability, thanks to a small turning circle
  • Provides great flexibility for bodybuilders
  • Robust driveline for optimal uptime

The CF FAN is ideal for transporting building materials by using a flatbed body with crane setup. Thanks to the lift-able steered trailing axle a high level of flexibility and maximum manoeuvrability at all times are guaranteed, important for delivering building materials to the precise location they are needed on tight construction sites.

The lift-able steered trailing axle on the CF FAN ensures a small turning circle and therefore great manoeuvrability. Thanks to the optional 9-tonnes front axle and the 6x2 axle configuration the CF FAN is able to accommodate a sizeable crane either behind the cab, or at the rear of the chassis. This provides both customers and bodybuilders with great flexibility, enabling tailor-made solutions. And thanks to the robust driveline the CF FAN provides optimal uptime.
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