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Long distance transport

General freight

Long journeys, often without any intermediary stops between point of departure and destination. Transporters aim for the lowest possible operational costs, while drivers aim for the highest possible level of comfort. DAF manages to combine these factors like no other. You don’t become the market leader in Europe for tractors without good reason.

Low total cost of ownership and maximum vehicle availability – those are the key words for many transporters, particularly in the long distance haulage sector. There is no other segment where efficiency weighs as heavily as it does in long distance transport: low maintenance costs and a favourable rate of depreciation. And low fuel consumption.

DAF focuses on ‘down-speeding’ its drivelines and no other brand offers such a wide range of rear axle reductions. Combined with the efficient PACCAR engines that deliver maximum torque at low revolutions, the result is an unprecedently low level of fuel consumption.

With the right choice of driveline the PACCAR MX engine produces only 1,000 rpm at 85 kmph, which is impressively low. This also results in a fantastic level of comfort. DAF trucks are quiet, very quiet, and they offer the most comfortable environment – for both work and rest – any driver could wish for. DAF knows the business of long distance transport like no other. That’s why we deliver only the very best. For every application imaginable. For both transporter and driver.