DAF XG FTG (6x2)


  • New level in cab spaciousness
  • Excellent fuel efficiency
  • High payload, thanks to the 6x2 layout

The XG FTG provides a never before seen level of cab spaciousness, which fully benefits the driver and leads to outstanding driver comfort. Thanks to excellent aerodynamics and an optimised driveline an exceptional level of fuel efficiency can be realised. And thanks to the 6x2 layout with automatically liftable leading axle the XG FTG provides a high payload, which contributes to more efficiency when moving goods over long distances.

The XG FTG can  be equipped with various features that are ideal for long haulage operations. The digital vision system and corner view camera for instance, ensure optimal vision in all weather conditions and contribute together with various other features, like a wide range of roof air deflectors, to excellent aerodynamics. The spacious cab, with a top-of-the-line, automatically adjustable relax bed with optional topper and the possibility of two fridges and a swivel seat for both the driver and the co-driver are some of the interesting features that make the XG FTG an ideal companion for drivers that cover long distances and spend many hours in their truck.

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