DAF DAF XF (NewGen) FTP (6x2)


  • Optimised driveline for liquid transport
  • Low chassis weight
  • Flexible chassis layout

The driveline of the XF FTP can be completely optimised for the transport of liquid goods, to ensure the best possible driveline. And the robust, light-weight construction of the XF FTP and weight-optimised vehicle configuration provides a competitive low chassis weight and therefore a high payload. Furthermore, the midlift leading axle provides the XF FTP with a flexible vehicle layout. 

Next to optimising the engine and rear axle, the automated TraXon gearbox of the XF FTP can be optimised with a special software program for liquid transport, which optimises drivability when transporting liquids. Especially for tank trailers without partitions or tank trailers that are partly filled. The XF FTP also provides a light-weight vehicle specification, for a low chassis weight and therefore a high payload. This is of great importance for the transport of liquids. The additional midlift leading axle with small wheels and tyres provides additional axle load capacity if necessary. Which is convenient when carrying heavy (partial) loads while the additional weight of the axle is minimal thanks to the smaller wheels and tyres.

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