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DAF XF FTS (6x2) Heavy Haulage


  • Liftable trailing axle for more flexibility
  • Duty based optimised driveline
  • High axle loads

The DAF XF FTS is a great choice for heavy haulage and/or exceptional freight over long distances.

Thanks to the liftable trailing axle the DAF XF FTS offers great flexibility. Since the rear axle of the tandem can be lifted when hauling less heavy loads (or during ‘empty’ return trips) the XF FTS sustains less wear and tear on tyres and improves traction. And when the XF FTS is specified with an automated gearbox special ‘Heavy Haulage’ software settings can be specified as well, which further increases the drivability at high loads. This is especially important for the first few metres, to get a heavy combination moving in the smoothest and safest way possible. The driveline can be further optimised with the dedicated options provided by the impressive MX-11 (10.8 litre) or MX-13 (12.9 litre) engines, 12 and 16 speed Traxon and 16 speed manual gearboxes, single and hub reduction rear axles the ideal driveline can be configured to handle even the heaviest vehicles. Furthermore, thanks to the high axle loads, with up to 10 tonnes for the front axle and up to 2x10 tonnes for the rear tandem the XF FTS can take on freight of various weights and sizes.

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