DAF XF FTN (6x2) Logging


  • Excellent traction
  • Great manoeuvrability
  • Bodybuilder friendly chassis

The DAF XF FTN is a great choice for hauling logs in forestry operations.

The XF FTN is a 6x2 tractor with steered and lifting rearmost axle to provide excellent traction and great manoeuvrability. The steered rearmost axle minimises tyre scrub during turns and weight can be transferred to the driven axle to help keep going in slippery conditions.  The impressive MX-11 (10.8 litre) and MX-13 (12.9 litre) engines offer power outputs up to 530hp and can be specified with the powerful MX Engine Brake or the ZF Intarder to tackle hills on the way up and the way down.  And thanks to the steered trailing axle the XF FTN is easy to manoeuvre on twisting forest roads. Furthermore, thanks to a choice of wheelbases, cabs and chassis lay-out options various setups can be specified. Whether it is with a forestry crane on the trailer, folded behind the cab or over it, the XF FTN always offers a tailor-made solution.


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