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DAF Connect Webshop

DAF Connect Webshop

Manage your subscriptions with just a mouse click


DAF Connect Webshop

A new feature within the DAF Connect Portal is a webshop which helps you to manage your DAF Connect subscriptions with just a mouse click. As a result, contracts can be extended with additional services on-line, which adds to the user-friendliness and efficiency. Also, purchasing DAF Connect 3rd party applications can be quickly arranged through the Portal.



DAF Data Packs

Through the DAF Connect Webshop you can order monthly or annual subscriptions to DAF Data Packs. This enables you to enrich your own logistics process data with DAF Connect data such as vehicle availability, fuel consumption and driving performance data, as well as integrating input from third-party systems. This ensures continuous insight into the performance of individual trucks, fleets, drivers and logistics processes – anytime and anywhere.

The DAF Data Packs are based on rFMS standards, so they can be used on all your trucks and installed hardware.


DAF Basic Data Pack

The Basic pack runs on rFMS 1.0 and uploads several data elements to your fleet management database every 5 minutes. 

DAF Advanced Data Pack

The Advanced pack goes a step further, offering rFMS 2.0 users information from many more data elements, including real-time uploads of triggers such as: ignition switched on/off; PTO enabled; third-party application in use.

“The webshop makes managing subscriptions and 3rd party apps very easy. The on-line dashboard shows at-a-glance which applications are available for purchase or extension.”

Jorg Wijnands
Manager Marketing at DAF Connect



3rd party applications

In the DAF Connect Webshop you will also find a wide range of 3rd party applications on offer. Thanks to the DAF Connect Open Platform 3rd parties like fleet management suppliers and tire manufacturers are able to retrieve data directly from Connect. This lessens the number of costly hardware modules in the vehicle and enables plug-and-play integration which reduces the total cost of ownership for you.


A single data source

The DAF Connect Open Platform illustrates the great advantages of DAF Connect over other fleet management systems. It gives access to a single source of data, hugely simplifying integration of critical third-party data streams and input. Based on trusted partnerships between 3rd parties and DAF, it allows easy integration with existing Fleet Management Systems (FMS) or Transport Management Systems (TMS), that are already in your operations.


Contact DAF Connect for more information

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about DAF Connect. Submit your question using the information request form.

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DAF Connect is a platform designed to increase vehicle availability, reduce operational costs, improve logistical efficiency and maximise flexibility for you. The DAF Connect Portal directly displays the information that is important for your business, regardless of the size of your fleet.

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