• 30 April 2019
  • Eindhoven

1001 possibilities to personalise your cabin

Here at DAF we mainly make personalised trucks. Each and every part of the truck can be adapted according to requirements, and trucks do not go into production until we know exactly what the customer wants. Even afterwards, the cabin can be upgraded in numerous ways to suit the personal preferences of the driver. Find out about the various options here.

Driver comfort

Upgrade your DAF cabin and add value

There are many different options when it comes to upgrading your truck. This is not only a good way to increase comfort for the driver but can actually add value to your truck. Below are a number of examples:

DAF Predictive Cruise Control

This smart system helps the driver to operate the truck more efficiently. The system uses advanced GPS technology to predict the ideal driving conditions for the next one to two kilometres. This helps the driver to assess and anticipate situations. DAF Predictive Cruise Control can also help you to achieve considerable savings in terms of fuel consumption.

DAF Connect

This fleet management system allows you to monitor all of your trucks simultaneously. Armed with up-to-date information, you can take action quickly when necessary. With DAF Connect, the driver is never alone.

TRP safety equipment

You can immediately add value to your truck with various types of safety equipment. One such example is the TRP tyre pressure alarm, which warns the driver when the truck's tyre pressure is no longer at an optimum level. Another is our TRP camera systems, which help ensure safety. This system films continuously so that if a truck happens to be involved in a collision, everything is conveniently recorded. The images can be used as proof and can be submitted with an insurance claim.

DAF accessories

We have a range of items to help make the driver's life easier, more enjoyable and more efficient. Special floor mats with raised edges keep in dirt, water, ice and snow. They fit perfectly in the interior and are easy to clean. There are many more accessories available, including lamps, microwaves, coffee machines, special vacuum cleaners, kettles and cool boxes.

DAF Audio and Navigation

Would you like a little sound to keep you company in the ultra-quiet cabin? An audio set from Pioneer ensures the very best sound quality and all components are installed such that they cannot be seen. Or perhaps you need more practical information? The DAF Truck Navigation Radio ensures that the driver is always kept up to date regarding new roads and changes en route — super efficient!

TRP Parking Cooler

Research shows that the best night-time temperature for a cabin is between 20 and 22 degrees. At higher temperatures, the driver's responsiveness diminishes by 20% the next day. The parking cooler keeps the cabin nice and cool even if the truck is stationary overnight.

Personalising your DAF cabin

If you are interested in adding some items to your DAF truck, feel free to contact your DAF dealer who will be happy to tell you all about the various possibilities and options.

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