• 24 June 2022

Optimum performance with the DAF oil standard

Save up to 3.4% on fuel

The DAF oil standard gives a real boost to engine performance. Using engine oil with our quality mark can save up to 3.4% on fuel. Even more vehicle efficiency is now at your fingertips.


Our new standard for engine oil

The DAF oil standard is the ultimate engine oil for optimum engine performance and unprecedented vehicle efficiency. The DAF oil standard has been named PSQL 2.1 E (standard service interval, PSQL 2.1 E LD for extended service intervals). When compared to conventional 10W-40 oil in tests, the DAF oil standard reduced fuel consumption by up to 3.4%.

Extensively tested

The specifications of the new DAF oil standard have been thoroughly tested. The conclusion? The PSQL 2.1 E standard exceeds the ACEA standards in each area. This makes engine oil with the designation PSQL 2.1 E the most durable and cost-efficient choice. So, ask your DAF Dealer for the best engine oil for your DAF at each service.