• 29 August 2019
  • Eindhoven

How does the DAF Night Lock for trucks work?

Want to be safe overnight in your truck? DAF Night Lock is a system that prevents break-ins and theft. The mechanical lock is intended to be used specifically when drivers are spending the night in their truck, and should therefore not be used when leaving the truck unattended. Read on to find out how the Night Lock works.

night lock

This is how the DAF Night Lock works

The DAF Night Lock is mounted against the side wall of the cabin, and activating it slides a hardened steel pin into the armrest on the door. This armrest is reinforced at the factory in advance. A special sticker on the door handles warns bystanders that a Night Lock is in use.

Releasing the Night Lock

Activating the lock is straightforward but can only be done from inside the cabin. When the lock is activated, the truck door cannot be opened to any extent, even with a crowbar. The lock can be released from inside the cabin simply by pressing the red button, allowing the driver to leave the cabin quickly in an emergency.

Night Lock: only for use at night

Please note that the Night Lock must never be activated when the truck is being driven. This is because it must always be possible to open the door quickly and easily in an emergency, without any obstacles or difficulties. If you purchase a DAF Night Lock, it will always be accompanied by a safety hammer.

Do you have any questions about the DAF Night Lock?

If you have any questions about the DAF Night Lock or wish to have one fitted, contact a DAF dealer near you. They will be happy to provide you with information and advice.