If you are heading back out on the road, make sure that your trucks are ready.

  • 03 June 2020
  • Eindhoven

If they have been off the road for weeks or even months, they won't be ready to use immediately — even if you carried out regular checks on them during this time. We are here to help you get back in business as quickly as possible.

When a football player comes off the subs bench after spending some time there, they will have lost their rhythm and match fitness, so trying to hit the ground running is a recipe for injury. The same goes for your vehicles; proper preparation is necessary if you want a smooth start and—more importantly—to stop them getting damaged.

This is what you can do to bring your trucks back to top condition.

 Checks you can perform yourself

  • Charge the batteries before you turn on the ignition. If you need to jump start your truck because it is stored somewhere that doesn't have an electrical supply, follow the instructions from DAF. Starting the truck using a starting aid with a voltage that is too high can damage the electrical components. Another thing worth knowing is that replacing a battery involves disconnecting the terminals, which results in an error message in the tachograph. If this is picked up in an official inspection, it could leave to a fine.

  • Check the tyre pressure. Having the correct tyre pressure is essential for the safety of your drivers and other road users, and under-inflated tyres can also increase your fuel consumption.

  • Check oil levels and coolant. Oil levels are shown on the main display; if you have an older truck, you can check them with a dipstick. Check the coolant by looking at the bottom of the filler neck.

  • Replace wiper blades. Accumulated dirt and dried wiper blades can scratch the windscreen. You can order wiper blades online in the DAF Webshop.

  • Operate the air conditioning system. Open all the blower nozzles on the dashboard, set the heater fan to maximum speed, start the engine and leave it to idle for five minutes, then start the air conditioning system. If the air isn't cool enough after ten minutes with the engine running, switch off the air conditioning system and check there is enough coolant. Alternatively, contact us.

  • Check the engine compartment. Birds and rodents are all too happy to make their nests in this sheltered part of your truck, especially in spring. And don't stop there; go over the rest of your vehicle for a visual check of mirrors, lighting, connections, etc.

  • Check the brakes and steering system. Before you take your truck out on public roads, make sure that the brake and steering systems are 100% in good condition. Safety always comes first.

Checks that your DAF Dealer can help with

  • Flush the fuel system with FX8. Bacteria growth and contamination in the fuel system can reduce engine performance and increase fuel costs. We flush your truck's fuel system with DAF Fuel System Cleaner FX8; a high quality cleaning agent that removes all contaminants in every part of the fuel system.

  • Replace fuel filters and interior filters. Bacteria can also grow here if your truck is off the road for a prolonged period. This can cause engine problems and give off an unpleasant smell in the cabin, so have the filters replaced first for a fresh start.

  • Activate AdBlue® and replace the filter. Using AdBlue® reduces exhaust emissions and is beneficial for the environment. AdBlue® also helps to reduce fuel consumption. If your truck is going to be driving long distances again, then we will activate the AdBlue® system first, if necessary, and replace the AdBlue® filter for you.
Would you like more tips and technical advice on what you can do in the event of prolonged downtime? We are happy to answer your questions. Drive safely and we hope business goes well for you.