Van Velsen Transport

"Camera systems provide peace of mind"

Van Velsen Transport


Van Velsen Transport decided to fit camera systems on its trucks to reduce downtime, create a peaceful working environment for drivers and increase safety. We spoke to Aad van Velsen about the advantages of camera systems in trucks and why he opted for Orlaco.

Advantages of camera systems in trucks

According to Van Velsen, camera systems make working in the transport sector safer and give drivers more visibility and confidence: "The roads are getting busier and busier, which increases the pressure on drivers. Camera systems are essential to be able to see your surroundings properly. Camera systems provide peace of mind."

Blind faith in camera systems

To prove that you can rely on camera systems, we head to a construction site with Aad van Velsen. There, the windows of his truck are covered and he has to navigate around the site. Watch the video to see what happens! 


Systems for all weather conditions

Van Velsen owns 20 trucks, all of which are mainly used in the construction sector. For the last 13 years, the company has been equipping its trucks with Orlaco camera systems. According to Van Velsen, Orlaco provides excellent quality: "We also use the systems in our rally trucks under the most extreme conditions: under water, through deserts, in high and low temperatures. We have experienced all types of weather conditions here in Europe and even the wiring and connectors remain in good condition."

Perfect visibility in the dark

The systems are also constantly improving. "The visibility and the clarity is better and the angle of the camera is greater. You can see what is happening around you perfectly, even in the dark. The cameras also work well in rain and snow."

No more trucks with mirrors

According to Van Velsen, the truck industry is developing at a rapid pace. "I believe that in over five years, factories will no longer be fitting mirrors to trucks. Their place will be taken by all-around camera systems with a central monitor. This will allow you to see, react to and anticipate incidents more quickly.

For more information about the Orlaco camera system, refer to the TRP eCatalogue.