DAF CF FAD (8x4) Truck recovery


  • Great traction
  • Bodybuilder friendly chassis
  • Spacious cab and powerful driveline

The DAF CF FAD is ideal for heavy recovery operations like retrieving light- or heavy weight commercial vehicles.

Thanks to the 8x4 axle configuration with double driven tandem axle the DAF CF FAD provides great traction, which is ideal for towing heavy stranded vehicles. A technical carrying capacity of the rear tandem of 26 tonnes is available for towing heavy loads. And thanks to a flexible chassis layout, with a wide range of possibilities in wheelbases, drivelines and chassis lay-out options it can be tailored to every possible recovery body. Whether it has to be equipped with a crane, hoisting equipment, a hydraulic loading platform or a towing system, the CF chassis can be used for almost anything. And there is ample free space on the CF chassis, making it very easy to create extra storage space on the chassis for various equipment, such as hydraulic jacks or workshop tools. Furthermore, the CF FAD can be specified with three spacious cab variants which makes it easy to take any stranded passengers. Two variants, the Sleeper Cab and Space Cab are equipped with a bed, to make waiting times more comfortable for the driver. And thanks to the MX-11 (10.8 litre) or MX-13 (12.9 litre) engine, a powerful driveline can be created to easily recover even the heaviest vehicles.

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