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DAF XF FAS (6x2) Truck recovery 


  • More flexibility thanks to liftable tandem
  • Bodybuilder friendly chassis
  • Spacious cab and powerful driveline

The DAF XF FAS is ideal for heavy recovery operations like retrieving light- to heavy weight commercial vehicles.

Thanks to the liftable tag axle the DAF XF FAS provides high axle loads for towing heavy vehicles while saving on fuel consumption and having less wear and tear of tyres when the tag axle is lifted. This flexibility makes the XF FAS ideal to tow vehicles from various weight classes. And thanks to a flexible chassis layout, with a wide choice of wheelbases, drivelines and chassis lay-out options it can be tailored to suit the recovery body of your choice. Whether it is equipped with a crane, lifting equipment, a hydraulic loading platform or a towing system, the XF chassis can be used for almost anything. And the XF chassis can be configured to create space for various equipment, such as hydraulic jacks or workshop tools.. Furthermore, the XF FAS can be specified with three very spacious cab variants which makes it easy to take any stranded drivers and passengers. All variants are equipped with a bed, to make waiting times more comfortable for the driver. And thanks to the MX-11 (10.8 litre) or MX-13 (12.9 litre) engines, 12 and 16 speed Traxon and 16 speed manual gearboxes, single and hub reduction rear axles the ideal driveline can be configured to handle heavier vehicles.

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