• 28 June 2019
  • Eindhoven

Biodiesel and the DAF Fuel System

August 10 marks International Biodiesel day. Biodiesel is a great step forward and it’s environmentally friendly too, but it can have some negative side effects on your engine. We have solutions to help you deal with it and keep your DAF engine performant.


Diesel blended with up to 7% Bio Mass is common these days and it could lead to decrease the engine performance. Here are a few solutions to help you avoid downtime:

Regular fuel system checks

To start with, there is the fuel system health check, combined with the DAVIE diagnosis. The results of the check will indicate which next steps are necessary.

FX8 Genuine DAF Fuel System Cleaner

Conventional fuel system cleaning jobs can be costly, but the FX8 Fuel System Cleaner can help you avoid those high costs. The FX8 makes it possible to keep your engine clean without dismantling it, saves up to 1% of fuel by removing biodiesel deposits in the fuel system and so restores the engine’s performance.

DAF XM6 Fuel System Protection

The MX6 safeguards your truck’s fuel system against pollution. It offers a first line of defense against fuel pollution, is fully integrated in the systems after a one time installation. Refill after refill it will keep performance at its peak and give you a warning when contamination levels reach a critical level. 

Is a clean fuel system and high performance important for you?

Your DAF Dealer can advise you on the best solution for your specific situation. Contact them, discuss your needs and get personalized advice.