Long haulage

DAF transport solutions for long distance


Transport over long distances

Around 45% of all transport of goods in Europe is carried out on the road and transport over long distances makes up a large share of that percentage. Which is not surprising, given the supreme flexibility of the truck as a means of transport.

For trucks that cover between 120,000 and 150,000 and sometimes up to 200,000 kilometres per year, it’s all about achieving maximum availability and the lowest costs per kilometre. This is why, in the case of the New Generation XF, XG and XG+, DAF has paid so much attention to creating the best possible aerodynamics. When combined with the most efficient drivelines in the business, favourable vehicle weights and the newest electronic systems for the driver, the result is the lowest fuel consumption possible. And the fact that DAF trucks have a service interval of up to 200,000 kilometres means that they require only one service each year.

When maintenance is required there is always a DAF dealer close at hand. And thanks to PACCAR Parts they always have the required parts in stock and with DAF ITS are ready to assist drivers out on the road if necessary. Trucks are built to drive – day in, day out – and the DAF Connect online fleet management system is able to follow the performance of both fleet and driver in real time.

Driver comfort has always been a very important factor in long distance transport and the serious shortage of drivers in Europe today is making it even more important. This is why DAF now has the best cabins on the market, with the best driving position, the largest and most comfortable beds and a design and level of luxury that are unique in the industry.

The driver also gets to enjoy fantastic driving characteristics and an extremely low level of noise, which only adds to both driver comfort and safety. This is also evident in the intelligently designed dashboard in which all of the driving functions can be accessed on the steering wheel – ‘Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road’. Which means no distractions. When it comes to long distance transport, safety remains the number one priority.