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Booths takes four DAF CF FTG three-axle tractors

  • Northern of England’s high-end supermarket chain takes four DAF CF FTG three-axle tractors
  • “…our 10-year-old CF has delivered fantastic reliability and it’s still going strong.” Transport Manager, Craig Stopforth
  • “…they’re on regular runs over Blubberhouses and returning exceptional fuel economy. If they can do that, they can do anything.” Transport Manager, Craig Stopforth

High-end supermarket chain, Booths, recently added four DAF CF 480 6x2 tractor units for inter-urban operations among its 28 store locations throughout the north-west of England. The trucks feature DAF’s ‘FTG’ twin-steer axle configuration to provide enhanced manoeuvrability on local routes and at supermarket locations with restricted access.

The long-established store has strong links with local communities in the north-west, and was keen to preserve a British procurement policy. Booths’ latest truck fleet was supplied by the local Preston-based DAF dealer, Lancashire DAF, and, along with the vast majority of right-hand-drive DAF vehicles in the UK, was built locally at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire.


While the ‘Built-in-Britain’ credentials were key to the deal, Booths undertook a thorough evaluation of the DAF CF against two other well-known truck marques. Based on the DAF MultiSupport repair and maintenance package, proven reliability from existing DAF models and excellent fuel economy from the 480bhp 13-litre PACCAR MX-13 engine, the DAF CF emerged with clear productivity benefits and more attractive whole-life-cost savings.

Booths turned to the DAF CF model for its frontline 44-tonne GCW artic fleet 15-years ago, and still operates a 10-year-old model which is approaching one million kilometres. “Everything’s on local deliveries,” says Booths’ Transport Manager, Craig Stopforth, “so annual mileage is never excessive. However, our 10-year-old CF has delivered fantastic reliability and it’s still going strong. The 480bhp DAFs are ideal for our operation,” he says, “fully-loaded and with double-deck trailers, they’re on regular runs over Blubberhouses and returning exceptional fuel economy. If they can do that, they can do anything. We know we’ll get longevity from these four new DAF additions.”

Craig Stopforth

Stopforth cites DAF’s Space Cab as another factor in the decision to opt for the market-leading DAF brand, “Our drivers really like the DAF Space Cab,” he says, “the ‘Comfort Package’ includes touch-screen navigation, leather seats, Bluetooth and lots of creature comforts. While operations rarely require an overnight,” he adds, “the bunk provides ample space and it’s well appreciated by the drivers. If they’re happy, they’ll look after their trucks and a far more likely to get the best out of them.”


Booths’ fleet now totals 35 trucks, made up of maximum weight truck and trailer combinations, and 26-tonne GVW rigids.

E.H. Booth & Co. Ltd was founded in June 1847 when 19-year-old tea dealer Edwin Henry Booth opened a shop called the China House in Blackpool. Booths is still owned by the family and current CEO is Edwin J Booth, and has its headquarters in Preston just a few miles from the Leyland Trucks production facility. Booths has 28 stores in Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire, and works closely with local suppliers and producers.



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