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Jackson’s Recovery takes flagship DAF CF 530 8x4

  • DAF CF 530 8x4 joins 17-year-old DAF CF 85.430 six-wheeler in family-run business
  • New 80-tonner equipped with stainless steel Boniface Recoverer Trident body
  • Co-responsibility for new £350,000 truck falls to 25-year-old family member, Ross Sinclair

Truck recovery specialist, Jackson’s Recovery, has taken delivery of a new 80-tonne DAF CF 530 FAD to join the Wigton-based family-run business 17-years after it acquired a then-new DAF CF 85.430 6x2 wrecker – which remains on frontline daily operations today.

The new 530bhp DAF CF 8x4 is specified with 16-speed manual transmission which, the company concedes, is ‘old fashioned but still ideal for recovery work’. DAF is one of few manufacturers able to offer a manual option alongside the automated TraXon alternative.


The CF 530 is based on DAF’s proven ‘FAD’ 8x4 axle configuration, plated at 80-tonnes GTW and geared with the ideal rear-axle ratio to provide optimum efficiency on Jackson’s extensive motorway work. Further specification includes a CF sleeper cab with vertical exhaust discharge, nine-tonne front axles and 13.0-tonne HR1670T hub-reduction rear axles on air suspension.

The CF sleeper cab was selected to allow greater scope to access north-west England’s rural road network, and to provide faster, easier entry and exit for the driver. Striking white paintwork includes colour coordinated mirror surrounds and steps, with Alcoa Durabrite wheels adding the finishing touch.

Ross Sinclair

The new truck was supplied through local DAF Dealer in Carlisle, Solway DAF. Chassis specification was conceived and developed by family member David Jackson and also Dan Hayes at Solway DAF. Solway also supplied the 53-plate CF 85.430 6x2 with single hub-reduction axle, now with 250,000 miles on the clock.

The new Recoverer Trident body from Boniface Engineering includes Sidewinder XP legs fitted with two 13.0-tonne winches to provide a stable platform for working in restricted locations, and specialist low-height coupling gear from Dutch equipment provider, VDZ. Custom-built stainless steel bodywork is designed to integrate with the cab and give a smooth finished appearance front to back. Equipment boasts extensive capability for a wide range of recovery jobs, including a 45-tonne boom rating and 33-tonne capacity under-lift with Maxireach K Boom.

Responsibility for the £350,000 truck falls to 25-year-old Ross Sinclair and his 30-year-old cousin, Richard Jackson – both members of the Jackson family who have grown the business since acquiring the locally well-known Blackwood Service Station in 1978. Today, nine members of the Jackson family are involved in the business.


“We’ve struck-up a fantastic partnership with DAF Trucks,” said Ross Sinclair, “and especially with Solway DAF in Carlisle. We have three excellent DAF Dealers within a 20-mile radius which means we’re extremely well supported. The new CF 530 is a big investment,” he said, “but, if it’s as reliable as old 6x2 DAF, it’ll be good for 20-years. We opted for a manual ‘box – we know it’s a little old fashioned but it’s still ideal for recovery work, and DAF is one of only very few manufacturers to offer a manual option.”

“We really like our old 6x2 CF 85.430. 17-years-old and super reliable. It’s only needed one new turbo and it’s still on its original engine, clutch and gearbox, and it’s out there everyday earning money.”

Jacksons Recovery


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