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your DAF Dealer

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of DAF trucks, we can warn you about problems that may crop up in the future.


Preventive maintenance

Thorough and preventive maintenance can stop your truck from breaking down. For example, you can avoid major repairs by having your truck’s cooling system, battery and engine valves checked and adjusted regularly. This is especially important during winter when the risk of malfunction and defects is greater. When your truck is properly maintained you minimise the risk of it breaking down, which is something we all want to avoid if possible!



Ready to advise you

Your DAF dealer is always ready to provide you with advice on maintenance. For example, we will suggest carrying out preventive repair work when we know that a specific component needs replacing after a certain number of kilometres. Or when a component is reaching the end of its life span. This will save you an extra visit to the workshop and the time that would involve. By keeping the file on your truck up-to-date we are able to make the kinds of preventive repairs that will stop your truck from breaking down unnecessarily.

Proactive and professional. Now that’s what you call added value!


DAF dealer


Up-to-date software

Our DAVIE box, in which all of your truck’s electronic components are stored, keeps a record of when you will require a new software update. We recommend that you get your dealer to do this for you, as incorrect installation can result in practical problems. Technology is always changing and the newer the truck, the more systems it uses. Thankfully, the fact that our trucks are becoming better and better means that you are less likely to run into trouble. And when combined with professional maintenance, the result is less breakdown time for your truck.




Comfort and safety

DAF gives user comfort the highest priority from day one. Did you know that DAF has the most spacious cab of all truck manufacturers? As a driver, you spend most of your time in your cab, so it is a major plus when it meets all of your requirements. And without compromising your safety, of course. For example, the cruise control shuts down automatically when an obstacle is detected. Preventive maintenance also contributes to increased safety by making sure in the autumn that you are ready for the winter or by having the cooling system cleaned in the spring before the warm weather of summer kicks in. You DAF dealer is always ready to advise you.


Transparency on costs  

We can carry out preventive maintenance for you so that you are always ready for the approaching season. As your reliable partner, we are ready to help you day and night. You can also choose to sign a maintenance contract so that you know exactly what the costs will be each year. Together with your dealer you can decide the timing of your maintenance intervals. As the driver you can also carry out some of the maintenance yourself, such as checking the fluids and other minor tasks.

When in doubt and for all other maintenance requirements you are always welcome at one of our dealers. We are always ready and willing to help.


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 Your DAF dealer has the skills and experience to help you with all repairs and maintenance. Using advanced diagnostic equipment, highly qualified service professionals maintain your truck at peak efficiency.

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